Отзыв о мультипликационном фильма “Soul”

Recently I've watched a cartoon called "Soul" and I want to share my impressions. The main character, Joe Gardner, is a middle-aged man who works as a middle-school music teacher. He gets a full-time job, but isn't happy with it, because he believes that his true calling is to be a musician, just like his father. He gets an opportunity to play in a band with a famous musician but unfortunately, he dies. Then he gets in a place called the Great Beyond. Nevertheless he doesn't want to die so he runs away and accidentally gets In the Great Before where new souls get their personalities and move to the Earth. 

After that we meet the second main character - the soul 22. They don't have a name or an age or even a gender, just a number. Then we learn 22's story: they had a lot of chances to go to Earth, but they just don't want to. So the characters decide to help each other, but something goes wrong and Joe happens to be stuck in a cat's body while 22 is in his body. They start looking for a man who helped them so they can get things back to normal.  While doing that they face some difficulties, such as 22's first time in a human's body, ripped pants and a bad haircut (I don't know why Joe thought that it would be a good idea to cut his hair while being in a cat's body). 

Despite all these circumstances , 22 starts liking their life on Earth, they believe that's only here they would find their true calling. In the end 22 goes to Earth in their own body and Joe goes back to his normal life. Well, not that normal, some things actually changed. His mom who at the beginning was against Joe's will to be a musician is now proud of her son and wants him to be happy. 

I can't think of any disadvantages about this cartoon. I loved the humor, the art style and of course of the great music. An interesting thing is that we don't have a antagonist. We have a character who's name is Terry and some people might think that Terry is a "bad guy" in this story. However I don't think so. They just wanted to do their work which is counting souls, so when some of them are missing it's their job to find them.  I think they did pretty well (if we won't count this poor guy who they captured accidentally).

We get an open final which means we don't know if Joe becomes a great musician or goes back to teaching kids, but it's really not that important. All we need to know is that now he will live his life to the fullest as all of us should.  If you don't know what to do in your life and what makes you happy, you can really say that you live a meaningless life.


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